How to let an instrument pass calibration and validation

Dear colleagues,

I am playing senaite.lims 1.2.1 with Plone-4.3.17 on CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core). I am trying to let an instrument pass calibration and validation, then associate the instrument with an analysis service. I have added a Calibration, an internal Calibration Certificate (no report loaded yet), and an validation; but I did not know how to get/add QC Results (for calibration tests) or documents.

The system always indicates " 1 Instrument in validation progress: Instrument1 "; and any associated analysis service won’t allow me to edit/update result.

Would you please advise how to move on? Thanks a lot in advance! – Lei

Right hand column at @fatfatcoyote, not complete

We found a bug here, fixed now but not in the release yet

updated the manual page with lessons learned

Question though @xispa, @Espurna, is WS Rejection still around? not a blocker, but very handy. I see a remnant of it in Water, will see if we can get it going again

For Quarantined Worksheet results:

Best practice is to Reject the Worksheet, and retest all the Samples with new QC samples as per original Worksheet Template, essentially using the rejected one to that purpose

That was the quickest way to deal with rotten WS in a single swoop, QC, routine analyse and all. The new WS used to be linked to the old

Afak, WS rejection is still there. You can retract individual analyses or reject the whole WS.

I see the Reject option in a fresh 128 installation now. Not working well, will log an issue

When a Worksheet is rejected, it should create a copy of the old one and hyperlink the two. This is essential for big worksheets failing QC - Retracting page after page of Analyses takes a lot longer.

At the moment the old Worksheet only gets a Rejected state and does not get listed. WS list should have a Rejected filter too.

Retract Worksheet can be removed. At the moment it only changes the state of the WS back to Open and leaves the An To be Verified. Individual An is best rectracted singularly, and if the user do want to retract all without wanting to Reject the WS, he/she can select All on the WS itself

I might be missing something …