How to move fields from one tab to another in Setup?

Do you have an easy recipe for moving items between the setup tabs too @xispa? :grimacing:

Raised in earlier (more in

Got very confused going after some texts there for Translation texts, e.g. Reporting items are on the Sample COC tab, some duplicates etc. Will gladly move and order them in the same exercise if not too complex or risky

This is not difficult. If you want to change the tab where a given field (and text) is being displayed, just open, look for the field you want to “move” and change the value for the parameter schemata.

E.g. I you want to move the field “COC Attestation Statement” from “Analyses” tab to “Sampling and COC” tab, then you only need to replace schemata="Analyses", from here by schemata="Sampling and COC",

Again, if you press the icon Edit directly in Github and do the modifs, Github should automatically open a new Pull Request with your changes.

Thanks man, closest I’ll get to coding in a long time!

:+1: Btw, a better title for the thread will help others to find these tips easier!