How to push info into Senaite's database directly from Google forms?

Plan to get some sample info based on 3rd party tools, such as google forms. Is it possible to push some columns’ info into senaite’s database directly without the UI?

If we can connect the senaite with other web services, that’d be great and helpful.

Hi @zack,

From my point of view you have two options:

1. Using Senaite JSON API

You can use Senaite JSON API ( that relays on

Below, an example about how to create a Sample inside a Client with UID “2dc6fdd2486b48de867bafa60bc2ce50”:

  1. POST call:


  1. POST Body:

{“Contact”:“6550828af3db49c881cd3efe542bda80”, “SampleType”:“Swab (Vesicle)”, “DateSampled”:“2019-10-23”, “Patient”: “2f8e36128b8348eeb96ca0a7e23c57de”}

2. Using a View to import and manage data

This being said, the manipulation of content can also be easily done by creating a view and call it with some request parameters.

Then, from this view, you can call the function create_analysisrequest from utils package (

Having a look at Senaite API’s doctests (note that I am not talking about Senaite JSON API) will be very helpful if you want to get/update/create data in Senaite through a view without going deeply into Plone framework:


Thanks for those info. I’ll try to play.