How to run senaite lims on multiple PCs

How do i run senaite on multiple PCs.
like one for clerk and another for analyst and lab manager.

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Hi @sushantsrkr and welcome! SENAITE is a web application, therefore you only have to host it in a server to provide access to many users from different devices.


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Thanks for your reply sir.
Can please give me a short brief of how to host it in a server.
I mean step by step procedure, because i am new to hosting stuff.

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i already installed senaite in my pc and its working fine…just want to further deploy in my lab.
and according to you i have to host in server. i google searched about that and still confused.
till now i think
first, i have to get register with web hosting service and get a domain by digital ocean or etc.
after that i have get my files in that server, and the configuring servers like things.

is that the right way ???

just need some guidance, if you want to …please

Hi @sushantsrkr ,

This forum is specifically for discussions about SENAITE LIMS with the premise that users have a basic technical background.

If you need help for hosting a web application, there are other specialized forums for that matter.

Best regards,

ok, …thanks for the way :smile:


Is there any configuration, so that Admin will get full authority as Analysts, Lab manager etc.

Like admin can fill test result values as analyst.

Users with “Site Administrator” privileges can do everything, filling test result values included.

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Sir, please tell me which files should i upload in web server ??. i uploaded both senaite.lims and senaite core. but still not working.

Start with Installation of Plone and head over Installation of SENAITE afterwards