IDServer complaining about WebDAV locking

I struggling with a new addon that has a content type called Asset which resided inside a Client. But when I try to create an instance of Asset the ideserver returns a WEBDAV error:

  Module bika.lims.idserver, line 522, in renameAfterCreation
  Module plone.folder.ordered, line 193, in manage_renameObject
  Module OFS.CopySupport, line 379, in manage_renameObject
ResourceLockedError: Object "asset.2020-02-13.3715303446" is locked via WebDAV

Anyone seen this before?

Not sure exactly how I fixed this because I switched off renameAfterCreation and worked on fixed the listing class. After I got the listing class (which included permissions and workflow config changes) to work, when I switched on renameAfterCreation, this problem did not return :face_with_monocle:.