Importing patient history

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So I have clients who would love to use the system but they want their old data imported. I already imported patients and it wad easy but how would you go about their old analysis reports?

We are also looking for the same information.

Hi @pprice and @sufrjo

There is none easy solution to migrate data from one system to another, and it is usually a complex matter.

You first need to know what exact data sets or registries you want to migrate from system-1 to system-2.

Then you have to map data registries from system-1 to system-2 considering the minimum necessary information to create a data set in Senaite. For instance, you will need to consider the mandatory data registries to create a Sample for Senaite Health and in case you lack such information, what will the strategy be.

Then, you have to set the migration tool, that will get the data from system-1, adapt it and push it into system-2.

To push data into Senaite you have two strategies:

1- To create a specialized end-point for this job, you can create a web view and send requests to it with the datasets. The end-point will deal with all Senaite steps to create the Python objects.
2- To use Senaite JSON API, you could avoid modifying Senaite, but you will probably need more requests to the system in order to create the desired Python objects.

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Thanks for the answer! We are almost done with a module to do this and we can share with anybody soon

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