Install Senaite Lims 1.x


I need to install senaite lims 1.x to install senaite health. Following the instructions on was straight forward and used to work previously well in the past. This no longer works. I suppose it is the transition to senaite 2.x. However we do need senaite health so I would appreciate an update step by step howto on how to achieve this. I am deploying on Ubuntu 18.04

Yes, I can help. I just finished in stalling senaite.lims 2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04.
Will do a quick write-up in a few minutes.

Hi @Jeff-DFWEnv. Thanks for the write-up. It works well for lims 2.x. I was actually looking for that for 1.x.
Can you assist?

Hi @yofori

This is the most up to date Senaite 1.x installation manual: Installation · SENAITE

What errors are you getting when following these instructions?


Thanks for your reply. Those instructions used to work for me until about a few weeks ago. I think it is because Senaite 2.x is now the default branch. Not behind my machine now will paste the error as soon as I am behind it.


Hi @yofori

You are right Senaite 2.x is now the default branch.

I think I have an idea of what’s happening since 2.x is now the default branch and without you specifying the Senaite version to install in your buildout.cfg file, builtout is trying to install 2.x on Plone 4.3.19 which fails with version incompatibility error.

Please make sure to pin senaite.lims to version 1.3.5 to get the correct versions of all dependent SENAITE packages.


This is the error I get. Pinning senaite.lims to 1.3.5 makes no difference

I followed this installation exactly but the bin/instance did not start up properly. There was some errors that I cannot re-generate now because I read later that it is something related to Plon so I installed Plon from scratch to avoid the conflict. Now I can start the Plon and access it through localhost:8080 but the problem is that even when I start Senaite through bin/instance what is accessible through localhost:8080 is again Plon and not Senaite.
I must add that I am completely new to Senaite and Plon and have no experience regarding these two packages. So, a more detailed walkthrough or installation manual is highly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @parham

Did you add the senaite eggs to your buildout.cfg file as described in the documentation

Hi @ronaldm,
Yes I did but now I am a bit unsure if everything is according to the installation manual since I tried so many things to avoid the conflict. I wonder how to wipe out both senaite and plone and start over to give it another try from scratch. How can I remove them?

Hi @parham

Just delete the folder where you installed Plone. Or just change the target to a different directory in: ./ standalone --target=