Installing on AWS and Accessing Remotely

Anyone have experience doing this? Any tips? Thanks!

Once you can ssh in to the instance you can do the installation as normal. It’s useful to
have control over your DNS so you can set a shorter name instead of the AWS one.

I’ve only installed on AWS, never used a venv on a desktop/local machine.

Be sure to follow all ePHI regulations

For testing an EC2 T2 small using Ubuntu Server 16.x is plenty.

Once you are ready for production be sure to review load balancer, assign the EC2 an S3, secure VPC, governance, etc.

Other ways to install on AWS for a dev environment.
-AWS Workspaces running Ubuntu
-AWS App Stream (pulling from workspaces environment, though this is not necessary given the mobile first design)

Modify the buildout.cfg to match the AWS local host requirements.

Create AWS security group

Set Elastic IP

I don’t suggest AWS Lightsail.

Hi, I wonder if you can help me out.
I have created a VM in AWS. Assign to it Security Group with PORTS 8080-8089 Open. Inside my VM I am running a docker of a senaite mapping my VM port 8081 to the Docker port 8080. using “docker run --name mynameddocker -d -p senaite”

Now, Inside my VM I can access localhost:8081 using a web browser. But the issue is trying to access it from outside VM.!!! My assumption that I can access it using AWS_Instatance_Public_IP:8081.

But nothing worked. I have a security rule that states open all TCP port, but still no access. I have tried the same in Google Cloud Platform. But no progress Any Idea ??