Introduce yourself, tell us who you are and why you chose SENAITE LIMS

Who’s new to SENAITE? Did you migrate from another LIMS or what is your reason?

Thanks and we’re happy to hear from you:)


Hi everyone,
I’m happy to join the community. Our company for DNA/RNA analytics is looking for an alternative to our current (subscription) LIMS system. On my way searching through I found several, but the reason why we aim at trying out SENAITE is that it is the LIMS with

  • most functionalities
  • highest customisability
  • up-to-date and active development and active community
    Kind regards and looking forward to learn more about it!

Hello Everyone,

Happy to join the community too. We are investigating Senaite and hope to use it as a LIMS for our workflow. I have used other LIMS systems in the past, mostly to process oncology cases, and these systems have been adequate for our needs, but they were also expensive. Senaite seems to offer a lot of features that may enable a nice laboratory workflow for our cases. We are especially interested in receiving test orders via the API, and reporting results via the API (among other things).

I am still learning about Senaite, and I may have some technical questions for the community, at some point, so thanks to anyone who may be able to help. And of course, as I learn more about Senaite, I’ll be happy to assist others that may have questions in subject areas that I am familiar with.

Best of luck to all, in our Senaite journey!




I’m Leo and we’re running and customizing Senaite for a few genetics labs. I would recommend anyone to join community and consider Senaite as your everyday lab tool. Which can be easily (or almost easily) integrated with other components of your IT-infrastrucutre, e.g. EHR, CRM, patient portals and etc. My personal favorite integration pattern to use FHIR as interoperability standard.




I’m trying Senaite in a virtual machine at the moment. Using and configuring various functions and comparing it to a (subscription) system currently used at my institution.
Planning to use it one day if/when I need to open a lab in Africa - hopefully in the near future. I have loved the concept of open source software since I heard the work Linux, and the word “Ubuntu” - which actually originates in Africa, means “I am because we are” - is how the Senaite community seems to be, albeit since I’ve joined it in September 2021. I know the frustrations we have at our current institution with the subscription system and I promised myself I’ll never not have access to the source code of the LIMS I intend to use - it’s like going on a bicycle trip without a spare tube.

I loved Wordpress for web site development and the discovery of Senaite led me to Plone (similar in concept) but built on Python - of which I have some basic knowledge - which just seemed amazing. Apparently the security of it is also great - used by some big institutions like the FBI - which we’ll need to test a bit in the near future.

Altogether looks like a great (almost) ready-to-use package - and it’s free.
Hope to be able to give something back to the developers in the near future - and perhaps contribute to the project as well.



Hi there,

I am currently exploring whether a LIMS could help our research and analysis lab in one way or another. So far it is run on Excel, so the bar is very low :slight_smile: (Perhaps a slight exaggeration…)

We are mainly handling analysis of water and gas samples from the geothermal sector.

I’m excited to find out, whether Senaite might be a good candidate to make our lab’s specialists’ job easier, and whether we could manage easily to migrate our 60+ years of samples and analyses into Senaite.

So, there might be a bunch of posts with rather basic questions coming from me :slight_smile:


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Hi @shk

A warm welcome to the Senaite Community!!

I have been involved where we implemented Senaite for Water Analysis and Geochemistry. On the Geochemistry side we don’t have clients analyzing gas, but I am sure Senaite can be easily configured or customized for Gas analysis.

This might be trick. Are you in a position to share the format of the current excel sheet?



Ronald Munjoma here based in Harare, Zimbabwe. I provide implementation and support services around Senaite (and other Open Source solutions).

I chose Senaite LIMS because then and now it is the most actively developed, supported and up to date Open Source LIMS, which one can easily extend and customize via the add-ons machinery.

Hi @ronaldm,
I’m continuing this exchange in a separate thread. I’ll tag you.

From Test It LAB Bloemfontein. We are an ISO17025 accredited lab that specialize in water testing. We already use senaite.core with the Bika lims add-on. The LIMS is great, the learning curve is challenging and fun.
We like the idea of open source and contributing. We co-sponsored some features for bika lims and always looking for oppertunities to improve the system


Hello, I am Tim, a Fullstack Developer who mostly works with React and Django. I’m a newbie in the medical tech space. I chose SENAITE LIMS since it is an open-source project with a lot of features and flexibility. I plan to contribute to the project after I’ve gained a working understanding of it.

I’m Kenyan and am currently working MicroPath Labs at Kenyatta National Hospital.


Hi David here,

I’m a Software Developer working mostly with Python. I share the sentiment mentioned above that when it comes to business critical applications (like a LIMS) that having access to the source code and being able to apply customizations can be a huge advantage.
Are there any recommendations on how one could start getting a feel of Senaite and what would be a good way to start contributing?

I have been working on an open source ELN for over a decade now (MyLabBook at and am interested in integrating that with a good open source LIMS. It looks like Senaite is an excellent open source LIMS, so I am planning on integrating MyLabBook with Senaite. MyLabBook is being built on WordPress now (it used to be Drupal), but with the API calls of Senaite, the integration should not be a problem. Thanks to the Senaite developers for keeping this great product going. I look forward to being an active part in the Senaite community in the months to come.


Hello. I’m helping a client of mine investigate LIMS and they found Senaite and are curious about trying to use it.

Is there a list of active companies using this LIMS? What regions (countries/nations) is it most widely used? Which industry is it being mostly used in?

Thanks for any response!

Hi @etl-dev

A warm welcome to the Senaite community.

I don’t think they is a publicly updated list of Senaite users. I personally know a number of companies successfully running Senaite LIMS in production.

The ones I know of are in Zimbabwe (Ministry of Health and Child Care - Health Care, Senaite Health, a private lab - multi-disciplinary lab, currently running Geo Chemistry and will be implementing Microbiology, Chemistry and Water and Food testing), South Africa (Water, Cannabis), Angola, America …

In which industry is your client?

Do you have an idea on how I can customize the project to the LAB name in the production. thanks

I’m a new user of Senaite LIMS. I have an issue when i try to install Senaite
Couldn’t find index page for ‘senaite.lmis’ (maybe misspelled?)
Getting distribution for ‘senaite.lmis’.
Couldn’t find index page for ‘senaite.lmis’ (maybe misspelled?)
Installing instance.
Getting distribution for ‘senaite.lmis’.
Error: Couldn’t find a distribution for ‘senaite.lmis’.

Hi @kamfourier,

you misspelled the package name.
Make it senaite.lims instead of senaite.lmis and it should work.

Hi everyone,
I am not migrating from any existing LIMS.I am getting into Pathology operations soon and I would like to try this as LIMS first On my way searching through I found several, but the reason why we aim at trying out SENAITE is that it is the LIMS with

  • most functionalities
  • highest customizability
  • up-to-date and active development and active community