Is it possible for one analysis to handle a series of experiments?

Sometimes, one analysis is composed of a series of experiments one after another. For example, if you do a DNA test, there are multiple steps involved, such as 1)extraction, 2)QC and then 3)test. My question is, how to deal with this situation in Senaite. Is it a good practice to break the whole process to each step then treat every step as a analysis? How to enforce the order of analysis? Or it’s just not recommended and no way to handle this situation.

Thanks for your attention and help!

Hi @zack,

Maybe one of the two approaches helps you to divide the analysis process in several steps: How to create an Analysis Service that obtains a final result based on "sub parts" (A Media Fill Kit and Vials example)

These are the two main ways to break down a process and obtain a final result based on previous information.

Note that we are just “adding” new input fields in a sample, if you want to make each step “1)extraction, 2)QC and then 3)test” dependent on a workflow, therefore step 2 can not happen before step 1 has been submitted, you will have to add new workflow states in the sample workflow by coding.