Lab needs average of two tests of an analysis as result

Lab needs to always perform a duplicate test. We wants to calculate the mean of the main and duplicate results and store as the analysis result. Will any one be able help me achieve this.

Hi Thavot,

Welcome to the community!

I’m exploring options for this too - for the short term, the first option seems to be the easiest.

  1. Create a group of Analysis Services (AS) to deal with this, i.e. Test 1, Test 2 and Test Average., where Test 2 is a copy of Test 1, and Test Average uses a calc to takes the mean of the two. Then setup an analysis profile to ensure these are always added together.

  2. Setup your Duplicate inside your Test so your duplicate and average are calculated in the one Analysis Service (AS).

  3. Somehow referencing the DuplicateAnalysis sample ID, however, this becomes more difficult to code for in the base setup.

Please post how you get on with solving this.



Thank you Dan for your reply.

Option1: There are so many tests. Setting each test 3 analyses (Test1, Test2 and Average) will be so confusing as each analyses stand separately. I have tried this.

Option 2: This option is the ideal one. This was my first try, But how can I find average and show it in the same worksheet? I also need to show both tests and the average in the result page. Please advise.

I need to develop the second option for the best practice. please help me to do that.

Yeah, lot’s of experimenting is required to find what works for you. I’m working through this myself…

Option 1: While there are lots of tests, and it looks messy, I’m handling this through sort order and worksheet templates to break it up.

Option 2: I’ll give it a go and let you know how I get on. What may work for me may not work for you. By result page do you mean the Report generation page?

For the reporting of interim fields, try reading through the senaite.impress custom reports section for guidance.