Making the RESULTS INTERPRETATION Tab Read-Only After Results are Verified

Hello Senaite community,

Is it possible to make the RESULTS INTERPRETATION editor tab read-only after the test results have been verified? Could you please guide me on how to achieve this?

Thank you!

This might be possible in some areas of the zope management interface, I don’t know exactly.

But seriously?
IMHO “interpretation” comes after “results” per definitionem.

Editing interpretations is already restricted to labmanagers and verifiers only.
After publishing they are read-only anyway…

Yes, you are right that labmanagers and verifiers cannot change the interpretations after publishing. However, due to our workflow requirements, I want to prevent changes to the interpretations even when the status is verified, which is the step just before publishing. Is there a way to enforce this restriction?

Thank you for your help!

I really don’t know, supposedly you need help from developers.

But your need is somehow against the lims’s conception. IIRC interpretations were actually editable/savable in the verified state only some years ago.

Why not use analysis remarks for free text? They follow the save/submit/verfiy logic.

We include test results and interpretations together in our workflow for test reports. Therefore, once a test result is verified, the interpretation should also be uneditable to align with our process.

Yes, using remarks would meet my needs. However, I cannot use rich text or report templates in remarks, which are important for me.

May I ask a related question @grulisco ? After a test is verified, is it possible to modify patient information and test results without invalidating and without assigning a new revision number?

Thank you very much for your help and sharing.