Multi-Step Workflow with Input/Output Sample Plates

Hi, my team is trying to see if we can adapt another LIMS to our system, and would like to know if Senaite is capable of configuring a typical workflow of ours and then, can operate it fully by just making API calls, e.g. after the workflow is configured, our home-made app run our plates through it by making API calls, without requiring the user to log in and interact with the LIMS UI.

Our typical workflow looks like this:

  1. WorkflowA has 2 steps: StepA and StepB
  2. User queues 48-well sample plates to StepA, e.g. PlateA, PlateB, PlateC
  3. StepA is configured to transfers a certain number of samples from queued input containers to one 96-well output container, e.g. transfer 16 samples from PlateA and PlateC to the output 96-well PlateD
  4. StepA should use certain buffers (reagents) and set certain custom data fields. (Any means that let us collect and save custom data points during step runs are crucial for us.)
  5. The output plate of StepA (e.g. PlateD) gets queued for StepB.
  6. StepB should pool every 8 samples from the queued containers to a tube container, e.g. TubeA and TubeB
  7. StepB should use certain reagents and set certain custom data fields.
  8. Some tracking files must be attached to StepB.

If Senaite is capable of this, could someone please guide us towards the related documents? I appreciate your help.