New Collection Type

i want to add a new type to my senaite instance such as government regulation just like patients / Doctors/Page in the attached image.
how could i do that?
where should I start from?

Hi @laitheyad,

Your request is not quick to explain because requires some knowledge about Plone.

SENAITE uses Archetypes as the engine to define and create Content Types, therefore you can read Plone’s documentation on this regard:

You can find all senaite.core content types definitions in the following folder: You can pick a small content type to start with:

I hope documentation helps you on this,

Best regards,

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thank you, i did follow the steps but whenever i create the package it gives me an error in line 14 in the picture, i’ve tried to complete it then try to run it it keeps giving me an error on the same line.