NEWBIE: I lost all my data. How can I troubleshoot that?

Hello teams:

I recently start with senaite. I had my site working fine for a month. yesterday, I delete one user that wasnt require the access anymore.

Now, the system is totally empty ( from 100 clients and close to 150 samples, there is only 10 remain, and the funny thing is that the user that I delete still there and the records are the very first ones created )

I would like to troubleshoot this… but not sure where to start looking.

Any advice?

thanks in advance

Hi @frodogg,

I cannot help troubleshooting the issue… But I would like to say that it is always better and easier to deactivate objects, such as Users, in SENAITE rather than deleting objects through ZMI. If you deactivate a user, it should not be able to login again.

Also, creating backups with SENAITE (Plone) is pretty easy! and

Best regards,