No Analyses can be added into a worksheet

Dear Colleagues,

I have this problem for several months, so I waited for the latest release but still saw this problem. I have a fresh built system and I re-entered data.
Plone 4.3.17
Senaite.core 1.2.9
Senaite. lims 1.2.2
senaite.jsonapi 1.2.0
senaite.api 1.2.3.post2.

I have three Analysis Services:


In WorksheetTemplate1, I selected all of them. But I saw two problems here: “3 of 0 Results” means the total count of Analysis Services is 0? “Deactivate” button does not work either.


The issues are extended to worksheets as well. For WS-001, although its template is WorksheetTemplate1, no analysis can be added into it. I tried “Apply template”, but got “No analyses were added to this worksheet”. Clicking “Search” button returns 0 result, no matter what filters I use.


So far I get no opportunity to add analysis into worksheet. Please help. Thanks a lot! – Lei

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Dear Lei

I seems like you did not properly install the Add-ons.
The UI coming with senaite.lims should look like this:

Please also make sure that all the upgrade profiles ran by installing the Add-ons via the Add-ons control-panel.

Indeed there seems to be a bug with the 25 of 0 Results, but this issue will be probably solved with senaite.core 1.3.0. Please feel free to open an issue for that here:

After selecting an Analysis in the Template you can press the “Save” button.
Then go to the Layout tab and add a number in the “Number of Positions” field and press enter.
The rows should appear like in this Screenshot:

Then create a new Worksheet and go to the “Add Analyses” Tab.
Here I have several received Analyses Requests from the Client “Happy Hills” containing the “Tot. Hardness” Analysis:

When I select now the Worksheet Template, the selected 4 rows of “Tot. Hardness” Analyses from the Template get applied:

Please take note that Worksheets allow you to add Analyses from received Analyses Requests, which were not assigned to other Worksheets. You can not add new Analyses in them, which were not included in the origin ARs.

Best Regards

Dear Ramon,

Thanks a lot for your help! You are right that I did not enable senaite.lims adds-on. Now I enabled senaite.lims adds-on and re-started the server, but I only saw slight interface change and the issues are still the same as before.


In a new worksheet ws-003’s “Add Analyses” tab, I saw no Analyses Requests or Analyses; I did not have the search box where you typed “hardness” and searched Analyses Requests. For me, the “Apply template” or Search button under “Filter Analyses” returns nothing, therefore I cannot add anything. Thanks!

Dear Lei

Do you have any received Analysis Requests in your System which contain Analyses of the Services “AR-V7”, “AR-V3” or “AR”? Are there any Analyses listed in the Add Analyses Tab of your worksheet?
If not, please create a new Analyses Request for a client in your system and Add the wanted Analyses to it. Then receive the AR and re-check your Worksheet.

Best Regards

Dear Ramon,

“Receive the AR” is the key to my issue. Now I can add the analyses to the worksheet.

Thank you very much for your patience and help!

Hello, I have a similar problem, mine is when I want to add the analysis to the worksheet, it does not show me any analysis, and when I add the template with analysis it shows me a message that no analysis is added to that worksheet . Could someone guide me or help me if I need to do something?

Hi @abelchaconx, do you have samples in the “Received” status? “Add Analyses” list from Worksheet will only display Analyses for samples in the “Received” state and without submitted result.

Please, check @ramonski’s answer: No Analyses can be added into a worksheet

Hi @abelchaconx , to be able to add analyses in a worksheet, you need to create a Sample and receive it first.