Order of Interim fields on WSs and AR results tabs

The ‘randomness’ of the Interim fields in displays effects users even more when DM reporting is required. Issue has been logged many times by different users,two by you @xispa!-) in the ones I could recover, https://jira.bikalabs.com/browse/LIMS-2755

A solution was never possible in BL 3.4, has the tech situ changed to make this possible? S.LIMS?

Will follow up with some fresher screenshots

Indeed, order of interim fields in manage results is something that would be nice to address. I logged two issues in senaite.core some time ago:

My suggestion would be to always make the interims appear in the same order as they were set in Calculation and/or Analysis Service. IMO, this is possible, the key point here is to always preserve the order of the interims when they are set either in Calculation or in Analysis Service.

Cool. In one of your earlier issues you also mentioned Conditional display of Interims. We actually need this too (you might address it in the above, apologies dnr)

We need it for the Clients that don’t want DM results. Hoping that one could set the [Moisture] default to 0 or 100 or whatever nullifiies its influence on the calc, and use the calculation for both AsIs and DM results.

Else we’d have to use different formulas, separate ASs thus. I might have the normalisation wrong… thanks for the heads-up @mikemets

At the same time hopefully, If [Moisture] = 0, then don’t display AsIs results, some such

Some dude is going to include Moisture but not want the rest…, I’ll check with Quantum. Then we devise another.

It is wise to resolve this properly, most labs dealing in soil and plant material need DM, e.g. Food, Feeds, Agriculture, Environmental

Re “Conditional display of interims”, you can show/hide an interim during results entry by using the checkbox “Hidden”. The value set at Analysis Service level gets priority over the value set at Calculation level. Nevertheless, there is no option to show/hide an interim depending on a value previously set to an Analysis that is a dependency.

Worth to mention that you still have the option to set an entire analysis as hidden, so it will not appear in results report. This can be set at AR Profile level, but you can also show/hide each single analysis from an AR, regardless of the configuration set in the Profile: last column from results entry (I’d say that only labmans see that column).

Thanks Jordi, optimally it should be automated and clutter free. I need to read more carefully through your Jira post, Conditional Interim Display might not be too difficult.

This caught my eye, Add a “Visibility condition” field for each interim in calculations. The field could be placed next to the “Unit” field. The user could introduce there a formula that would use either the values of other interims or the results of other ASs to show or hide the interim in the WS. I think that would be very useful in microbiology.

Edit, Better image

@xispa, @Espurna, if you are planning to redo DM, it could be more fruitful, cleaner and economical to sort the Interims rather?

Something like this

Need to work out the rest still…

Showing DM results only to those Clients requesting it can at most be achieved through the calc itself if the Moisture An is available with default value. And some of those clients may want Moisture but not DM results

Most labs actually analyse the dry Sample…and the Wet result is calculated:


COA issues awaits. Starting with Decimal Precision on calculated results…