Plone site settings


after migration to senaite 2.x and plone 5.x some time ago I’m missing the site control panel in the plone site setup page.

It is still available with the url suffix @@site-controlpanel as explained here:

Did it disappear by purpose? If yes, what’s the recommended way now to customize some settings?

Additionally: Does anybody know, how to customize the pagesize (=default number of rows in listings) of some senaite views?

Hi @grulisco,

Yes, this and other more Plone CMS related controlpanels were removed by purpose, because they are more confusing than helpful.

What specific setting did you need from there?

If it is e.g. the site title, you can change it in the configuration registry as well:

Regarding the pagesize, unfortunately there is currently no global configuration setting for this. However, it is desired to have something like this and it might come into the core in the future.

Thanks @ramonski ,

I only wanted to change the site title in order to distinguish our main site from the test system, and wondered where the settings were gone…

I hoped to find site tile in the ZMI, but I forgot the location there.

Out of curiousity: Were the concerning control panels removed by the senaite or by the plone developers? (Latter would mean that the mentioned manuals are outdated…)

The panels were removed by us, because the provided settings make mostly no sense in the context of Senaite LIMS.
Anyhow, the way how these settings are applied nowadays in Plone (and Senaite) is by the configuration registry, which is located in /portal_registry.