Products and clients --> supply order


Dear community,
Firstly: I am using senaite.core 1.3.3 (from current git).
How is the ordering of lab consumables implemented?
I could not find any documentation of this but the following:

  • I set up lab consumables under “products” in the “setup” screen
  • I create a “client” to blaim for the needed consumables
  • I open this client and the “orders” tab
  • I insert the quantity of the needed consumables and the contact
  • I click save and/or print


  • I can entry all fields and get a PDF or something to print and fax/mail

What really happened:

  • I could not select a contact (it lists the cleint contacts, but when I click on one, nothing happens)
  • saving without a contact selected does not work
  • when prinitng before saving, all entries are zero (0)

What did I do wrong?
Is this workflow supposed to work?
If not, why is it in there?