QuerySelectWidget wrangling

I’ve added a new Birthdate column to QuerySelectWidget but now in the pulldown the date appears as a full datetime value with date, time and timezone. Any ideas where I should format that to just display the date part?

Hi Mike,

please use the new implementation here:

Here you can provide an IReferenceWidgetDataProvider to convert the date into a localized string:

To do the same with the current implementation, you would probably need to override the API URL endpoint and provide a custom version where you provide the data in the right format immediately.

Thanks @ramonski. The new reference widget looks great but I’m going to have to money patch the old one for now to hit my deadline :frowning:

There is no need to monkey patch. Just set a custom api_url property on your widget and you should be good to go:

Just keep in mind that it might be that you have to rework it once the PR is merged.