Reference value intead of Min / Max

Hello! Im a new user of SENAITE and im looking for a way to standarize my result values in a way that it has only 4 columns.

  • Keyword
  • Unit of meassurement
  • Value of the result
  • Value of reference.
    Mostly working with blood and urine tests. Is there a way avoid using the min / max values and do this instead?
    Thanks in advance.

Hey @JuanCruz!

Welcome to the Senaite community!

Unfortunately I’m not aware of a way to easily configure this through the website at this time. More configurable options in the results table would definitely be a nice enhancement though.

However, if you already developing your own Plone Add-On to extend Senaite or at least can navigate the core code, then it is quite doable on the backend side.

The code for that results table viewlet (in the Senaite 2.x version) lives in senaite.core in bika/lims/browser/analyses/ You can edit which fields you would like to see in self.columns such as is done here.

Editing the senaite.core code directly is not advised though, and instead a better option would be to develop your own Add-On. An example of extending that Analysis Results table using an Add-On can be found here. Notice that it imports the original view. You will need to register it as a viewlet, and then call it from a custom analysisrequest view or hardcode it into your copy of the AR Table view in senaite.core

However, if you are looking for a custom field like the “Reference Value” you mention, then you might need to also adapt the analysis Content Type. This is an example of adding a Inconclusive Boolean field and a AnalysisDateTime String field.