Results with more than one output


I’d like to know how I do to show more than one output in the final results of analysis, for example, for the X anaysis I have result A (variable), result B (variable) and result C (variable), and I need show all results.



How is your calculation for the multiple variables set up? Are you using multiple interim fields on 1 analysis service, or do you have multiple analysis services that are each inputs into a separate calculated analysis?

Tks for your reply!

I have a analysis in one machine that have a output A, B and C and the final result of this analysis is A, B and C.

I need to express all this results, but I only know to do to leave one result.


Hi @FSolari

Does the analysis have a publicly available methods document? It will provide more information and context on your service and calculations.

Hi Ronald!

Look, I have a analysis of colors that have three outputs, L * a * b, all this outputs have a different interpretation and when I put all results to run a statistic, I need three distinct interpretations, but when I will entry the dates in the SENAITE I have only one outputs, I can register the result in intermediary results, but in final results only one output is possible and in the report, only one output is registered.

I need that all variables L * a * b stay registered in final results and report.



It sounds like you may need to customize your own report format using the Senaite Impress reporting add-on that installs with Senaite.

I also think it may be easier to perform the operation you’re describing by creating individual Analysis Services for each output, and then create another Analysis Service for each interpretation you need using a separate calculation.

You can access the results of specific Analyses inside a Calculation by entering the keyword of the Analysis within braces. [analysis_keyword]

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