Sample Syntax and Functions

Dear all,
I have read some documentation about this Lims and I am really curious, but before I ll install this on my machine I would like to ask a few questions regarding the functionality.

I am working in a production lab, whre we receive samples from just one client (the factory -maybe some samples from R&D but however).
Now for each produced chemical batch we usually receive up to 10 samples (raw material before drying, first stage, second stage, samples during destillation, samples during drum filling etc…) So I have approx. 300 different products for which we produce approximately 300 batches each year and each batch has approx 10 different samples from different stages. Well obviously now I want to setup a logical and easy structure with which I can perform statistics for each stage of each product (shewhart charts etc…).
Is this possible with Senaite ? and if so, how should I organise the structure of products,batches,stages and samples ?

Thank you very much in advance for your help