Sample with partitions


I have installed Senaite 2.5.0 and was used by the partitioning function. In our case, samples that need to be all tested separately are received in bags, and only need to be all reported separately.

Since the first sample I received was fully partitioned, the main sample still appears to be validated. Since I haven’t published it, the progress remains verified in my samples list. Moreover, I published the partitions completely. I followed the quick start guide for Senaite to: Sample Partitions · SENAITE . Maybe there is an option to enable this?

For example;
I have added 19 test for patient. Then I have create 4 partition for all tests (15+1+2+1). I have published all parted test. But main progress is 97% and state is Verified. Shouldn’t Progress be 100% and State in Published?
Can you help me how to achieve this?
Thanks for all your hard work.