Sampling Rounds

Hi everybody,

Is Sampling Rounds functionality still available for Senaite 1.3?

It is not longer shown in the clients tabs and at site setup SR or SRT does not work properly.

Functionality is still there in Senaite 1.3

Hi @leo,

the functionality is currently hidden in 1.3.0 and will be completely removed in 1.3.1.

The reason is that we do not see sampling rounds as a core functionality and therefore, won’t invest more efforts to make it functional again.

If someone is willing to invest in this feature, it would go in a separate add-on apart from senaite.core.

Thanks and Regards, Ramon

Hi @ramonski,

thank you for the details. I agree with you, it makes sense to have it like an add-on and not in the core.


Hopefully Sampling round stays with senaite in some form (as core or as add-on) :disappointed_relieved: