Senaite-filestorage grows in size without active use


Thanks for all the great hard work on Senaite.

Please when i run Senaite 2.x using docker ( Ozone HIS ), i get the senaite-filestorage volume increasing constantly with no active use. Please see logs generated below

Please how can this be resolved?

Much thanks for your swift anticipated response

With Regards

From the screenshot it looks to me like you have an external process add client contacts via the API.

Yes you are right. It’s the architecture of Ozone Health Information System GitHub - ozone-his/ozone-docker: A Docker Compose setup for running Ozone HIS

The issue is the file just keeps grown ad-infinitum go gigabytes in size when no clients are being added filling up space.

A way to reduce this would be much appreciated. Will also reach out to the Ozone community regarding this as it seems to be an issue coming from an external API feeding to Senaite. Any feedback from you will be much appreciated. With Regards