I have been testing Senaite over the past couple of days and loving the possibilities. The Labs where we’re trying to get these setup, however, are Clinical Labs where we’ll be working with patients. Looks like may be a better choice, however, no more support on Senaite.lims 2.3.0.

Is installing senaite.lims 1.4.0 our only choice if we need to manage patients?

What’s the difference between and senaite.patients (support for Senaite 2.2.+)

Any help will be appreciated! TIA

Senaite health is no longer supported in 2.x. It was really hard to maintain and the code was quite old-school.

For 2.x:

  • senaite.patient allows you to work with patients and assign them to samples
  • senaite.diagnosis allows you to add clinical information (like symptoms, diagnostics, etc.).

These two extensions above, cover most of what was provided with in 1.x versions.


@xispa I have same question.
Is senaite.diagnosis released for senaite.lims 2.4.1+, and could you help to guide how to install it? Thanks

At time of this writing, for 2.3.0+, but unfortunately there is no released version yet of senaite.diagnosis, so you have two options:

a) wait until we publish the first release
b) clone/download the source from github in your instance’s src folder, Edit your buildout.cfg file to add the package to your egg list and your develop list. Run buildout. Refer to Plone documentation for more details about installation of custom packages and buildout as well.