SENAITE LIMS 2.2.0 released

Dear community, we are proud to announce the next major release for SENAITE 2.x.

You can try the latest SENAITE version on Docker:

The official release can be found on the Python Package Index:

The official Docker image can be found on DockerHub:

Release notes for SENAITE LIMS 2.2.0 ( 2022-06-11)


Everyone using the official Docker image, please make sure to pull once again the image senaite/senaite:v2.2.0:

$ docker pull senaite/senaite:v2.2.0
v2.2.0: Pulling from senaite/senaite
Digest: sha256:67a5afb20e95eaf39a50a10bfcab070b118ca23f964c067719939443da27bf63
Status: Image is up to date for senaite/senaite:v2.2.0

The previous package had an issue installing add-ons, e.g. senaite.patient (Error when install with Senaite.Docker 2.1.0 · Issue #39 · senaite/senaite.patient · GitHub) and the image size was not optimized.