Senaite Patient Master

Error when installing add-on package Senaite Patient - Please advice

Yes, that’s a bug, thanks for reporting.
This PR should fix the issue:

Thank Ramon, I am able to install Add-on patient package

But after creating patient when, i go to create sample. The Patient field is not able to search for patient following error

Hi @Sameer,

please note that senaite.patient is an add-on for SENAITE 2.x and never tested on version 1.x.

Seems like you are on version 1.x using

However, the “internal clients” feature was some time ago and afaik implemented initially on 1.x.
Have you run all upgrade steps?

Hi @ramonski


I have installed all ver 2.0 of LIMS/CORE/PATIENT/PANIC but when i try version 2.0 of Health I get following error… is not yet compatible with version 2.x and I can not tell you if it will be in the near future, sorry.