Setting up Senaite on Google Cloud Compute

Hi, has anyone experience of setting up Senaite on a Google Cloud ? I have plone setup with Bitnami, but what to do next to modify the buildout.cfg I have no idea, any guidance most appreciated,


Hi @ben ,

Since the installation guide tells installing SENAITE by command line, I would hire one of those and follow the instructions:

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Many thanks Espurna, I am hoping others may share a similar desire to have their Senaite on the cloud, so I will try to explain a little more my situation, hoping of course admins agree that this is appropriate for the technical forum.

  1. So first to describe my level of computing/network expertise as noob. Completely self-taught using youtube.
  2. I ended up choosing to use Google Kubernetes.
  3. I am then installing the docker Senaite 1.3.3 following these instructions.
  4. I followed the Kubernetes Engine Tutorial
  5. I run this, lots of warnings, takes a bit of time…

One particular warning that will be an issue in the future is:

“WARNING: The easy_install command is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.”

“WARNING: gcloud docker will not be supported for Docker client versions above 18.03.”

This process included building and pushing, then running the container, exposing the cluster, finding the external IP and fingers crossed…


now. I will test. BUT, I have the following concern. Running from ‘root’ and security of the build. I read:

It is inadvisable to use following configurations for production.

If anyone has any thoughts on this process, much appreciated. The only major difference and perhaps issue is the starting and stopping of the Kubernetes, which unlike GCE instances cannot it seems be ‘paused’ and ‘resumed’ in the same way as GCE to reduce costs.

The install went very well and it works !!! Fantastic.

Ben in Zambia.

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Hi @ben, it is nice to know that you managed it. I am not of much help with Kubernetes, although I know some companies are using it to run their Senaite LIMS installation. Let’s see if someone with further knowledge jumps in :slight_smile: