Some bug in the Senaite 2 user group

Hi guys,

As I follow the documentation here: 2.2 Authorisation matrix — LIMS Collective
The access and workflow action roles for Senaite lims need to match the ISO 17025. But, I have some issues:

  • Normally, Analyst doesn’t have access to the client contact but in Senaite 2, they can.
  • Analysts can’t create a worksheets
  • Auditors can’t view the client information.

What can I do to fix these some issues please? Is there a documentation or example that can help me?

@elirabalison I am not sure if you will get a proper answer… Your request is doable, but implies working with permissions, and this is a bit of an advanced topic…

You can open an issue for this.

There is a configuration option in site setup that prevents analysts to create worksheets

Are you talking about regulatory Inspector?

Thank you for your answer,

Ok, I will open an issue for this point.

How can I do if I want to change it?