Updates and Deletes in Senaite.jsonAPI

I noticed I can’t update any objects using the api with the senaite container I deployed. Is it a matter of configuring the path and portal route during setup or is it something else? Would really appreciate anyone’s input on this.
I am trying to update sample, per the docs. Also tried to update user title but no luck so far.
URL: http://localhost:8080/senaite/@@API/senaite/v1/update
JSON payload. I replaced the uid with the uid of the sample I created per the docs.
“uid”: <uid_of_sample_DBS-00012>,
“Priority”: 2,
“transition”: “receive”

Also trying to delete or make a user inactive by replacing the uid:optional with the uid of the user I’d like to delete (deactivate). Unfortunately I can’t link the path for delete because I am new user but I just grabbed it from the docs.