Upgrade core 2.0

Currently I’m on senaite core 1.3.4 and need to upgrade to 2.0. Already downloaded the core 2.0 from GitHub. How do I install it?
Tried to install by adding to buildout. Then I got error core version 1.4 need to be installed to upgrade to core version 2.0. Couldn’t find core 1.4. pls help.

Anyone there to help?

Hey @seetalahoru!

You’ll need both the 2.x version of Senaite.Core AND Senaite.LIMS. Sometimes Buildout is smart enough to find the 2.x Core requirement for LIMS, but if you already had a 1.x version installed, it may be getting confused.

We personally had a hard time upgrading from 1.3 to 2.0 while the site was in place, and instead opted to export our data out to spreadsheets using the Senaite API (Partially because we had customized the site improperly). We then Built a fresh site with 2.0 installed and scripted the data back in (also using the Senaite API).

Senaite 1.3 is on Plone 4.3, while Senaite 2.0 is on Plone 5.2, and there were MAJOR changes to the underlying Plone mechanisms that Senaite is built on top of.

That being said, you can certainly try to upgrade it in place :slight_smile: but I’m not sure how smoothly Plone itself handles the upgrade from Plone 4 to Plone 5 once data is created in the site.

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