Upgrading from old egg version to a newer

Hi all

I was running senaite.lims version 1.2.2, but with the new release of 1.3.0 I would like to upgrade. I ran into this issue first when trying to add senaite.storage to the buildouts.cfg, but when I try to run bin/buildout now it complains that “We already have senaite.lims 1.2.2, senaite.storage requires it to be 1.3.0”. I expected it to automatically update with the new available python package on pypi, which if I do a clean reinstall it downloads fine.

Any recommended way to trigger the buildout to update packages?


Sorry for late reply hopefully you will read it.
$bin/buildout -n

Then start your instance or zeoserver and clients
$sudo -u plone_daemon bin/plonectl start

Open browser to your installation and go to SiteSetup and then Add-ons.
Under “Activated Add-Ons” look for the upgrade button next to Senaite.Core and Senaite.LIMS (and Senaite.Impress if you included this add on).

Hi there,

I did this to upgrade to 1.3.3 and everything worked up until: when I navigated to “Activated Add-Ons”, there was an “Upgrade” button next to “SENAITE Core 1.3.3” but none next to “SENAITE LIMS 1.3.3”. What I have is “This add-on has been upgraded. Old profile version was 1000. New profile version is 1.3.3. There is no upgrade procedure defined for this add-on. Please consult the add-on documentation for upgrade information, or contact the add-on author.”

Everything is working great, so it seems the upgrade was actually processed, there’s just some issue with the previous “profile version” as it was never “1000”.

Hi @alexanderstrand,
unfortunately this was a bug in the initial released version, but which is only a cosmetical issue.
Anyhow, we re-released version of senaite.lims which fixes this error.
Please re-run your buildout and you will get the new versions and the “Upgrade” button.
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Updated it, worked great. Thanks for the quick fix on the bug!

HI @ all,

I upgraded to but during start of fg instance i got an zopexmlconfigurationError in …/parts/instance/etc/site.zcml line 12.2-12.39 and …/buildout-cache/eggs/Products.cmfplone-4.3.19-py2.7.egg/Products/cmfplone/meta.zcml line 42.4-46.10
any Idea what to do ?

Hi @ramonski,

I have upgraded senaite.lims to but it seems like a senaite.storage add-in was not supported. Since I start a service in debug with bin/instance fg, it was exit to command line.

Could you please suggest what to do. Now I have downgraded senaite to 1.3.2 to use a senaite.storage add-in but unfortunately, an email service is dead on this version.

Sorry for my poor English,
With my sincerely regards,

Hi @chimmy, thanks for pointing out the incompatibility. We’ve released a new version of senaite.storage : https://pypi.org/project/senaite.storage/