Using IMPRESS from Add-On

Hi There,

I’m trying to generate a custom PDF report from an add-on I’ve built. I was hoping to use the IMPRESS add on ( but I’m still not sure how to integrate it with my add-on.

This add-on is just a front end to edit and generate reports from an external database, I’m using the SENAITE api to authenticate users but that’s it.

Any tips or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

Hi @alexanderstrand,

You can find some info here:


Thanks for the reply, I had tried to follow that along and didn’t have any success. I’m still very much a noob so I’m likely missing some critical steps.

Right now my add-on is a Browser view, once I can figure out how to call up the report view from my page (assuming I’ve configured it correctly) I imagine the rest will fall into place.

I am suffering for several weeks … hope you can help…
In the above link you post …
The document states that to create your own report, I start with having to copy or create a Hello World report into “templates/reports”…
Now how to find this folder starting from “Site Setup” webpage ?

The folder you are referring to should live inside your own add-on, in the fileystem