Using Senaite depending on external report files


I’m new and still trying to explore Senaite lims

i was wondering if i can use Senaite depending on external test report result such as Excel or pdf
or it has to be built in result

(only slightly less new myself) I don’t think SENAITE has built-in functionality to import data from files like that - it is mainly for managing your test requests, results, reporting etc within the system - you can interface SENAITE with lab instruments directly if that is an option for you

thank you for your answer
for now, I want to test and use Senaite to manage everything possible until I figure out how the rest of it.

I think it’s quite possible if I click the attachment required for results and ignore the built-in calculation until I make a report sheet for each test, or (maybe) - since there is a lack of documentation, I find a way to depend on it fully

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I’ve prepared test results as JPG images for some tests in Senaite and created reports by adding the image as a report template. However, I am not sure if creating reports directly from PDF or other file types is achievable. But adding JPG images directly has made my work easier.

I hope this experience is helpful to you. Here are some screenshots related to this:

Thank you for this information
that is almost perfect for my use case
but is there a way to control the image size
because it is quite small and hard to read

In my use case, I created a custom report template in IMPRESS as described in this GitHub - senaite/senaite.impress: HTML to PDF Rendering Engine for SENAITE. I set each JPG file to display as a full page. The example image shown up is deliberately blurred for patient confidentiality purposes. Otherwise, the image is completely clear.

I hope this experience helps you.