Windows Installation

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I need your help. How we can install SENAITE Open LIMS in Windows Server environment. Can we use MS SQL Server as database?

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AFAIK you can run Plone/Senaite on Windows Systems, but thats not recommended.

Database backend is ZOPE, this cannot be simply changed.

Hi @vijayb.kumar, to run Senaite in a Windows Server I would suggest installing Senaite in a Virtual Machine with Debian or Ubuntu. You can use Virtual Box and the Ansible recipe I will list below to achieve this ( Another option is to install Senaite through a Docker container.

Regardin MS SQL database, in theory you could, but note that Senaite is build on top of Plone 4 (, therefore the database that uses is ZODB. There are tools to use Plone together with relational databases ( but in my opinion they add another layer of complexity and point of failure.