Data migration for security purposes

Hello, I have been using SENAITE as my main LIMS for over a year by now, and I still haven´t figure out a way to migrate my data to a fresh new server. The purpose of doing this is for security, in case my server stops working or I have the need to migrate my data for any reason. I have been doing backups of my filestorage and blobs, but when I copy and paste those files to the new server it won’t work correctly. Is there a guide for achieving this? I am chemical engineer, so I don’t have much knowledge con informatics and software. I would very much appreciate any help.

Hi @diegoadrian, checkout this post Backups and restores.

I suggest you create a new instance exactly the same as your current instance on another machine, copy your backups ti the same place on the new instance and run the restore script

In addition to @mikemets remind this:

  • the new server must have the identical senaite codebase
  • shutdown both senaite instances when manually copying filestorage etc. between servers