How to setup and enable QC Analyses

Dear colleagues,

So far, I did not find a way to setup and enable QC Analyses in the Analysis Requests page. Any inputs? Thanks! – Lei

Always done via Worksheets @fatfatcoyote, this one needs images… doing it manually,

Using Templates

Having them on ARs is a customization but we don’t see that much. Once you mastered them on WSs, let us know

In addition to @lemoene answer, for Controls and Blanks to appear for selection in Worksheet, you need to create them first:

  1. Go to Site Setup > Suppliers
  2. Click to a supplier from the list
  3. Click to “Add” button to create either a blank or a control.

Oops, I’ve seen now Editing Suppliers leads to “Reference Samples” , so you know how to create Reference Samples already, apologies for the noise!.