SENAITE LIMS v1.3.3 has released

Hi community,

We are excited to announce the release of SENAITE LIMS v1.3.3. Within the last six months we’ve been tirelessly working to improve SENAITE LIMS to make your laboratory work better than ever.

We’ve been traveling through cloudy days and windy storms, but also through pristine, shining sunny days to bring our best to this new version. Here’s a summary of what has changed:

  • Only one package to deal with. No more version pins and nightmares. Just pick SENAITE LIMS and the rest will follow.

  • Dynamic Analysis Specifications. Extend results ranges functionality and take into consideration additional criteria for valid ranges evaluation.

  • Performance. We’ve reduced the payload for pages rendering, making SENAITE LIMS lighter and faster than ever.

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Update to 1.3.3

If you have SENAITE LIMS 1.3.2 installed, we’ve also put efforts to make this update as easier as possible. Because we’ve applied architectural changes, you’ll notice the UI skin is lost until you effectively update the system.

How to update SENAITE

New breeze

This release is a turning point in SENAITE history too. This is the last major version that will run on Plone 4.3. Don’t get us wrong, we are committed to provide support for 1.3 series and we’ll keep adding new add-ons as well. But SENAITE has been standing on 4.3 for a long time and we are convinced that is time to go one step further and get the most of newest Plone, Zope and Python versions. And this is precisely our next and exciting endevour: move SENAITE on top of Plone 5/6.

SENAITE P8: Plone 5 + Python 3 Upgrade Guide


Thanks for your support, contributions and feedback. Remember to stay tunned and in touch with us in the SENAITE Community site. If you like to talk, remember to say hi in our Gitter channel



Excellent work! :clap: :fireworks:


“No more version pins!!!” Great work.