Submitting and verifying field analyses


analyses configured as “field analyses” by setting point of capture to “field” do not work as i expected.

Results can be entered and saved after registration on pending samples.

But I see no way to submit or to verify these values, because those transition buttons do not appear:

So the request cannot be finished.

What is the given way to handle those field values, what is the trick?
Does anybody know?

If not I will report a bug.

Hi @grulisco,

it might be related to this PR: Fix managed permission of analysis workflow for lab roles by ramonski · Pull Request #2303 · senaite/senaite.core · GitHub

What are the roles of the user you have in the screenshot?

If I remember correctly, the user must have the sampler role in SENAITE versions before the above mentioned PR.

Hi @ramonski :slight_smile:

for the screenshot I used my docker test instance, updated just before, with the admin account.
My actual role here in real life (v2.4) is ‘Lab Manager’, and adding myself to ‘Sampler’ or ‘Sampling Coordinator’ does not change anything.

PR#2303 is not rolled out yet in our lab instances, so I can’t evaluate this PR at this time.

Does a docker update pull this PR for further tests yet?

Yes, the Docker 2.x image is built for each merged PR, so you need to pull it from Docker Hub to get the latest latest (latest) version;)

docker pull senaite/senaite:2.x

However, I guess in your case it works only for samples in Sample due state if the Sampling workflow is active. But this would affect all samples and probably sometimes not desired.

Maybe it makes sense to drop that whole sampling workflow and allow simply Field Analyses to be submitted in the pending state.

I did this ‘docker pull…’ so I had the latest version.

Does the feature of field analyses really depend on sampling workflow activated??

AFAIR field analyses were part of former BIKA LIMS…

Disclaimer: I do not really need sampling workflow or field analyses at the moment, but wanted to check out, whether it might be somehow useful.

So I’m still stuck at this point of testing this feature.

Seems that this is not used very often…

I figured out the way to go:

Yes, this is necessary seemingly.

So these these points are required:

  • sampler role for the user
  • activated sampling workflow at creation time
  • set a sampler (name!) in the request

Then you can trigger the transition from “to be sampled” to “sample due” by “Sampling”.
Then that you can save field results and submit.

Yet after submission of all field results you can receive the sample and step further with the usual laboratory part.